About Victoria Grant

Writer • Performer • Spoken Word Artist • Erotic Poet

“I was 17 years old and looked at my son who was about to turn one. I didn’t have the financial means to buy him a gift. I couldn’t even buy him a birthday cake. I decided to take all the emotions I was feeling and give him the gift of heart-filled words poured out onto paper. I wrote my son a poem.”

And so began Victoria Grant’s poetic journey; developing her writing parallel to her growth from young lady to womanhood. Naturally an introvert and a shy person, Victoria never thought to share her words until fellow poet and friend, Yogi S., invited her to perform at a poetry show. It was the element of performing on stage that lit a spark within her. Since 2008, Victoria has been performing and headlining at various shows and events, mixing the art of story-telling and spoken word poetry to deliver powerful, sensual, thought provoking and soul stirring performances.

A survivor of sexual violation, Victoria found her voice and began to hone her craft in the area of erotic poetry. Realizing that there is nothing abnormal with survivors enjoying sex, Victoria found liberation in using erotic poetry to celebrate the body and her sexuality. November 2013 Victoria published her first book of erotic poems and short stories titled Forty-Seven Kisses. For the author, the title translates to intense intimacy. “All of the pieces in the book are about intense intimacy.”

May 28 2014, Victoria released her first Spoken Word album “Poems and Love Letters” a combination of her erotic and spoken word poetry.