Hell is not what they paint it to be in cartoons, movies and t.v. Hell isn’t eternal suffering in the belly of the underworld filled with fire and brimstone where the devil pokes you with an ironclad pitchfork dipped in molten lava. 

Hell is grief, pain, suffering and depression. Hell is knowing that there are so many things going on in the world but YOUR world as you know it has come to a screeching halt. All you know is your grief, your pain, your hurt, your suffering at the loss of your beloved. It’s all consuming.

Hell is being surrounded by oxygen and yet barely surviving drowning. Hell is the nit picking of every single last moment, last movement, last words spoken, last words communicated. Hell is guilt and confusion and feeling stupid because you just don’t get it. You cannot wrap your head around it.

Hell is waking up in shock and disbelief. Hell is the gut wrenching tears that soaks pillows and bed sheets. Hell is misplaced anger. Hell is watching people move on with their lives and feeling seemingly stuck. Angry at yourself because it is not like you to feel angry or feel a ways about other people’s love, their happiness and their ability to live their life.

Hell is feeling bad about possibly hurting the people you love because all they want to do is be there for you while all you want is to be left alone. Hell is knowing that some will not understand because you cannot pick up the phone and take days to respond to texts and messages. The person they are looking to talk to isn’t present, that person is just trying to step one foot in front of the other without crumbling.

Hell is feeling as if you have an addiction to heartbreak due to a string of unfortunate circumstances that have occurred in your life and fighting the urge to pick up a new addiction in hopes that the heartbreak will then go away.

Hell is being told to get over it, feel better, move past it. Hell is losing people because they simply cannot understand. Hell is feeling as if you are wallowing but knowing at the moment you seemingly just cannot do any better.

No hell isn’t eternal suffering in the belly of the underworld filled with fire and brimstone where the devil pokes you with an ironclad pitchfork dipped in molten lava – no, that is vacation.


A Beautiful Mind, Remembered.

Photo Credit: Dionne Witter

Photo Credit: Dionne Witter

I would first like to thank Mr. S. Worrell for giving me his permission and blessing to write this for

Adrian K. Worrell died on June 24 2014. He was 38 years old.

He was born in and raised in the city of Toronto. He would probably tell you though that Scarborough, next to Barbados, was his home.

He is survived by his two loving parents and by his sister AZ.

I first met Adrian in person back in 2011, after I performed at a poetry show. He came up to me and said “Hi Victoria, I’m Adrian.” I racked my brain trying to figure out who he was and he could sense that so he followed it with “Facebook” and I yelled excitedly “Oooooh, that’s you!” We both laughed and I nearly tackled him with a big old ‘excited-to-finally-meet-you-in-person’ bear hug. We proceeded to talk about poetry and his opinion on my work that evening. We kept in touch periodically online but it wouldn’t be until a year later that our relationship would strengthen into something beautiful, transformative and sacred. We shared a very close and special bond over the past two years. He was many things to me, including my muse.

Adrian was diagnosed with a mental illness and lived with it for several years. For now, his family and friends and those who love him will not be dissecting what may or may not have caused the tragedy of his death. For now, we will be remembering how he touched our lives.

What would I tell people about Adrian K. Worrell?

Adrian was an educator. Whether he was in the classroom, in conversation with people face to face or on the radio, or facilitating and hosting a debate on Facebook – Adrian was always teaching and sharing knowledge. In those teachable moments, Adrian was also learning. He loved any opportunity that allowed him to learn new concepts and ideas. He looked at conversation as a means to embrace learning something new from someone. Oh how Adrian loved to learn. At his core, he was a philosopher and scholar. Some of his scholarly written work has been archived on the Internet. Adrian was a man of knowledge and books. You could walk into his home and find books on shelves, books on kitchen counters and books on the floor. He loved the Internet because of the way it easily connected people and made information accessible.

He took great pride in being what he would call a “classic Facebook troll.” Adrian was a provocateur often telling me that he was extremely adept in annoying people. In his Facebook “trolling” he was initiating and instigating critical thought and reflection. He presented thoughts and ideas that often challenged people and their opinions. If you have ever engaged Adrian in an online discussion or debate and/or had the pleasure of witnessing one of those debates, then you would have walked away from your screen feeling frustrated, challenged, inspired, amused or simply laughing from the not so occasional hurl of clever insults.

In our regular and personal conversations we would discuss politics, racism, white supremacy, capitalism, social justice, activism, religion vs. spirituality, economics, hip hop, poetry and so much more. We often talked about the Toronto black community and the Toronto poetry scene. Adrian expressed how he wished the black community and the poetry community would be more supportive of one another; embodying the essence of true community building and sharing as opposed to solely preserving the interests of self. He would also express how disheartening it is that some get into social justice circles and activism for celebrity.

Adrian understood that the liberation and advancement of oppressed people wasn’t a stage or a platform for grandstanding performance seeking solely to serve one’s own interests and ego. Adrian also deeply understood that the organization and mobilization of a people not only required theory and practicality but also required emotional intelligence.

He was a man of community. He spent time involved in community initiatives and supporting his community any way that he could. Adrian loved community radio, participating in Radio Regent and being an active and very colourful co-host on CIUT’s 89.5 FM The Vibe Collective. He volunteered his time tutoring young people, not wanting anything in return other than maybe a plate of food. He sought to tutor, mentor, encourage and inspire youth.

Adrian Worrell was an artist. The man truly was an artist. His mind was sharp and proficient in theorizing and intellectualizing but that didn’t stifle his creative spirit and creative ambition. He was poet, a rapper, a DJ and a beat maker. He completed a Spoken Word EP titled Scenes of a Winter Home and he independently published a book of poetry titled Neotony. His poetry is intricate and layered, beautiful in verse and composition. He was a talented rapper who could spit metaphors that would make heads spin, easily adjusting his flow and tempo with the snap of a finger. He loved music and loved Hip Hop. He especially loved Toronto Hip Hop. He would often tell me that Toronto Hip Hop is some of the best in the world. He supported local artists by sharing their work and giving them radio play. “Toronto is in an arts renaissance right now” he would say.

Above all, Adrian was a kind, caring and gentle soul. He was nurturing and thoughtful at his core. He was always willing to extend his arm in assistance whenever he could especially in the areas of proofreading and editing. He would always look for the best in people first. If I said to him that I didn’t like a certain person because they were really mean, he would always show me that maybe there were situations and circumstances that contributed to them treating people in the way that they themselves may have been treated.

Adrian humbled me. He motivated me. He constantly encouraged me. He enjoyed seeing people discover their potential and doing what they were intended to do. He was an animated story-teller, a true Griot. He was quick-witted and absolutely hilarious! So many people encouraged him to take his show on the road. Stand up comedy seemed like his calling. He was physically active, took martial arts classes and loved Capoeira. He was an avid basketball fan and a dedicated New York Knicks hater as long as his good friend Kevin was a fan. Adrian Worrell was a good, kind, generous and jovial spirit. He was a man of Spirit.

What I would like to tell Adrian.

I love you.

Thank you.

You expressed feeling as if your community had abandoned you, unfairly judged you, whispered behind your back and gossiped about you. Adrian your community as a whole loved you and will always love you. Your community mourns you and will truly miss YOU!

When it comes to being protective of you, only your sister could rival my ferocity. This you already knew. I refuse to have anyone reduce you in my presence. You will not be reduced to a condition or any isolated incidents. To do so does a tremendous disservice to and commits an act of violence to your memory and legacy. No single incident or a condition will define you.

You have left your mark in this world, greatly so. You have touched so many lives, even people you didn’t personally know. You have impacted many and facilitated growth, development and change in the hearts and minds of plenty. There are people who have never met you in person but will attest to the way your online presence has changed them and made them want to become better.

You as a person – the impact you’ve made, all the change, the growth, your words, your motivation, encouragement, inspiration, the brilliance of your mind, the strength of your character, the luminous light of your soul – is more powerful, much stronger and so much bigger than the mental illness that violently sought to erase you. And you my special and dear Adrian will NEVER be erased. Your work lives on, your words live on, your memory and your legacy will continue to live on.

Some questions for us. 

How will we choose to define ourselves?

What type of impact will we make on the world?

What would people say about us in our passing?

What type of memories are we creating?

How do we define and/or stigmatize those enduring mental illness?

How can we as a community deal with mental illness?

Do we understand that openly grieving is paramount to healing?

For those of us affected by this loss and/or triggered by this loss, how are we healing?

These are some questions we need to ask ourselves. These are questions that I am asking myself. In times like these we need to hold one another, talk to one another – not silence, blame or shame but truly comfort one another.



This is poetry that is floating around in your mind so you scribble what you have with whatever you have before it leaves you. This is my something new.


Kobina’s lips
Inside mine
Softly sucking
Sensually licking
Inviting touches
Nearing orgasm
Gingerly breathing

Kissing and caressing
I feel your fire
Skin to skin sharing
Soul baring
Nuances and little subtleties
Granting me my deepest desires…

Love and Reciprocity.

Written June 18 2014


Thoughts on Love

It has been some time since the passing of Dr. Maya Angelou and I feel like I am just coming to grips with it finally. For quite some time I had planned and had known that I would release my first spoken world album on May 28 2014. This is a date of significant importance to me. My world shook when I found out the morning that Dr. Angelou had passed. I remember just sitting in silence for an hour reconciling my feelings. It was a sad day for the poets and a bitter sweet day for me. A day I shall never forget for many reasons.

I reflect on Maya Angelou’s legacy, her writing, her poetry, her wisdom, her activism and her championing of love. I sit and reflect on the two words from a much wider quote, “Love liberates.” I sit and I also reflect on another Maya Angelou quote that spoke dear to me, “Have enough courage to trust love one more time.”

Love liberates! Have courage to trust love one more time!

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of reading something online from a man that I have quoted before in my Musings. A man I acknowledge as a dear friend. He wrote:

“Amazing how it is when it becomes revealed so clearly that loving somebody is not just about loving them, it can be just as easily about redeeming and healing yourself….it is of paramount importance to have somebody in our lives with whom we can be our absolute best, our absolute kindest, our absolute sweetest and our most giving in the healthiest of ways, who we can practice treating in the ways we ourselves most deeply and essentially wish to be treated.

Such love, indeed, at its greatest can reveal you to be so much more at your core than the messy beast you have far too long erroneously imagined and believed yourself to be….”

These words reached out to the depths of my soul and touched me in ways not even a poet could put into coherent and eloquent words. How many of us have thought ourselves to be ugly, unworthy, unlovable, unwanted, and easily forgotten? How many of us have thought so erroneously whether it be through circumstance or conditioning? Loving someone is not just about loving another being; it is an act of resistance in a cold, callous world, an act of courage, and an act of healing. For those of us who are recovering from some sort of trauma in our lives, how wonderful is it that love can allow us to practice treating another in the ways in which our hearts so deeply desire to be treated? They say Philophobia is the fear of being in love and falling in love. I suggest that it may be the fear of laying in certain vulnerability. Fear debilitates. Fear is shackling. I know indeed that love, if you let it, liberates.

I have invited my dear friend El Machetero to finish writing this post. I have invited him to share his thoughts on love. Enjoy!



For so long I felt unworthy and for so long I’ve been afraid. Feeling unable and unwilling can break you down and make you such a functional part of the beast. These feelings can make you a detriment to anything and everything you help to keep alive and which helps to keep you alive too.

After we’ve been hurt so many times and have done the hurting so many times, we think we know what the deal is. We build ourselves dogmas and rationales, we make up beLIEfs. We repeat a whole bunch of cycles just because we seemingly don’t know any other songs to sing. We learn to be alone. We learn to carry bulletproof layers around with us, insisting these layers and guards are not weighing us down. But deep down inside we know these layers, these guards feels unnatural. It feels unnatural because we never stop needing love and affection in our lives, regardless of how treacherously it can terrorize us to admit so. Regardless of how much we hurt, we yearn to practice love. We yearn to practice reciprocity, revolutionary reciprocity, and revolutionary reciprocity of love.

When you find yourself in this love, you don’t need to become anyone else. You will realize that you are cool just the way you are, flaws and all. You won’t need to struggle, fuss and fight to show and prove to anybody that you are worthy. The individual on the other end of that revolutionary, reciprocal love knows your worth long before you knew one another existed. This person knows this even when you are living seemingly parallel lives from what may initially be a distance. When you find it, you won’t need to force anything. Although you may feel the familiar call to flight, you won’t want to run. You’ll find that you won’t have to try very hard to be a good person. You’ll find that you don’t have to pretend to be somebody you have never been and/or don’t even want to be.

My Love…she inspires and enriches me. Loving her enriches me. Being the best possible version of myself, by her side, is my devotion AND my medicine. I had thought myself an expert, but I knew nothing. Since meeting her, I had to rethink everything. We are most alive and shifting and blooming when we rethink everything because whatever we thought we knew has become antiquated and obsolete. In this love I have learned that every single shard of heartbreak, pain and moment of despair was worth it because it brought me to this point. I have gathered lessons. I am finally living each and every moment of each and every day in the ways of love. Loving someone who brings out the very best of me and also loving myself. I am doing so long after I thought I had given up.


Poems and Love Letters

Well it is finally here! Today at noon I officially released my first spoken word album Poems and Love Letters. I am learning that it is completely okay to feel proud of myself. And proud I am! I resolved to accomplish something by a set time and that is exactly what I did. I put a great deal of work into this. The time in the studio, the creation and selecting of beats and music by the producers and musicians I have been so blessed to work with, and communicating clearly how I envision my front and back cover. I put a great deal of time, effort, honesty and my entire soul into this.

The creation of this project has taught me a great deal about myself, my skills, talents and capabilities. I know that I have grown tremendously as a person and as an artist. For that, I am so very thankful.

I would like to thank all the people that had a direct hand in seeing Poems and Love Letters come to fruition. I want to thank T.J. Habibi | Secret Suburbia Studios for the producing and engineering of the album. Thank you to Arnob Bal | Floss Daily Productions and Michelle Mondesir | Poetic Groove Productions for their contributions which made this project complete. Thank you to Dwayne Morgan for the album cover image, Dianne Robinson for makeup and being present that day, and thank you to Richard Barrett of Hypergraphik Studios for his beautiful graphic design work. Thanks to the little person who has been my first and greatest teacher in unconditional love. I would also like to thank the love that encouraged me, motivated me, supported me, believed in me and whose safety helped maintain my sanity.

I also want to take a moment to thank every disappointment, every obstacle, the heart ache, every single heartbreak and my bouts of depression. For without this I wouldn’t have had to continuously find my strength. Every trial and tribulation has been for my awakening and my strengthening.

I would also like to thank YOU. YOU who is reading this post, YOU who has or will lend me your support. Thank YOU for your faith in me, thank YOU for following along my journey. It is YOUR support and appreciation of my art that sincerely humbles me. Thank YOU!

Poems and Love Letters is available for listening and download here. I hope that you enjoy my offering.

Have you written any poems lately? Have you written any love letters recently? If not, why not start?


Forty-Seven Kisses

Spring is here and I am working on my next major project. While I continue to work, let me go ahead and leave you with the overview of the #47Kisses Book Launch. Huge thank you goes out to Mali aka Docuvixen for this.





Have a question about dating, sex and relationships? Ask Vee  is new sex and relationship column written by yours truly! I am very happy with this new venture and partnership with ByBlacks and I look forward to diving right in.

Please feel free to send your questions to askvee(at) Check out all the goodness ByBlacks has to offer on their site and read my introduction here —>


New Poem

So Sunday night/Monday morning I wrote something new. I wrote something erotic. Being naturally shy about my work (I know, I know…how can I be shy about my work) I shared a snippet of it on my Facebook page. Now I am ready to share the poem in its entirety. This doesn’t have a title yet and I think I’m going to sit with this one a bit, recite it out loud a few times, record it, and let it title itself. Shouts to ‘inspiration’ one time. Enjoy!


I miss deep chocolate dipped tip
running ever so slightly along my lips.
Parted opening gives way to expansion
I am filled with you,
like the first pull and inhale after the herb has been lighted.
You taste like passion ignited.
I miss your eyes scanning the contours of my curves.
Like the spliff, my body’s yearning slowly burns.
I miss your deliberate touch inviting breasts to arouse and grabbing my nipples full attention.
The touching, grazing, gazing of my body inciting your erection.

I want you to run your fingers along my stomach.
Run your fingers along my chest.
Run your fingers along the rise and fall of my breasts.
Run your fingers down my thighs,
hear my soft cries.
Run your fingers along my hips.
I taste salt water on your lips,
reinvigorating me in each kiss.
I can close my eyes and feel sand between my toes and under my feet,
the moisture between my thighs begs you please…
‘Enter me.’

I exhale releasing a clouded haze,
exhalation as our bodies move in syncopation with waves.
I feel sea breeze on my cheeks
and whispered prayers of pleasure being felt in the deepest parts of me.
Massage my breasts between your lips,
on my body, leave kiss imprints.
Slide your tongue along my navel.
I want you.
Go lower…
I want you to.
Desiring lip to lip kisses and soft, slow licks
Until it drips…

I miss full roundness of ass expertly palmed and gripped in the strength of your hands.
Legs tightly wrapped around your body as we complete our dance.
I’m about to become undone,
giving way to the beckoning of “Yes baby. Cum.”
In a moment, you are transported in the middle of the ocean,
And a myriad of orgasms you are selflessly giving.
The weed enhances the physical expression of the connection between you and I.
At the height of your ecstasy, I feel your body collapse onto mine.
A gentle kiss on your lips confessing just how much I missed you.
Sweat drenched confessing just how much I enjoyed you.

Written March 24 2014



I have most definitely been a bit quiet for the month of February. I’ve taken some time to do some deep reflection and re-evaluating.  January was such an exciting month for me, filled with so many highs. February was a trying time, a very difficult time and filled with plenty of lows. It’s a brand new month. A brand new season is upon us. I have learned so much and one of those important lessons is appreciation.

I was working for four and a half years at a job that I didn’t really enjoy. The people I worked with were absolutely amazing but I no longer got happiness out of the type of work I was doing. I was at that place for four and a half years. I grew tired. I have a passion – I enjoy writing and performing. I no longer wanted to be at a position where I was unhappy and dreading going into work. Back in December, I lost my job. I wasn’t too sure how I would manage but deep down I knew that losing my job was indeed a blessing. For so long, I was saying that I was unhappy. For so long, I was saying that I wanted to pursue my art full time and the Universe thrust me in a position to do so. With no regular and steady income, I pushed forward with the Forty-Seven Kisses book launch anyway and it was a success. Here is where I learned my greatest lessons in appreciation. After the launch and during the month of February my art sustained me, literally! Remember I had no income and so each book I sold was supporting me. I wish I could paint a pretty picture but it wasn’t easy. It was a massive struggle. I am being completely open and honest in this post. There were days when I was down to $2 in my bank account and someone would send me a message requesting to buy a book and that would be my grocery money for the next day. My art fed me. My art also sustained me while I was cycling through bouts of depression. It’s difficult being a single sole support mother and it was extremely difficult knowing that I no longer had a job. Reflecting on what I was able to accomplish with the book and the launch, knowing that I produced something, continuing to write in my journal and work on new poems helped maintain my sanity. It kept my spirits up, lifted me up and gave me hope during times where I felt there was none. I have a greater appreciation for my art now. I have a greater appreciation for my performance level and skill and what I give of myself while I’m on stage.

I also have such a great appreciation for my loved ones. I’ve talked about this before and I cannot say it enough – It’s so very important to surround yourself with folks who nurture your emotional, mental and spiritual development. It’s so very important to surround yourself with people who genuinely want to see you succeed and do well. I cannot thank the people enough who are not blood related to me but who are very much my family. They supported me when I needed it most, they encouraged me, prayed for me, kept my spirits up and they have given me life’s greatest gift of loving me deeply and unconditionally. You all know who you are and know that I love and appreciate you so very much.

I have a greater appreciation for struggle. You see struggle builds character, resilience and strength. I am no stranger to struggle. A series of unfortunate events took place one after another after another leading up to the launch and trickling down. It’s only been a couple of days since I have seen some sort of relief. I know what it is to struggle and I also know what it is to suffer. I give thanks for the suffering and the struggling. I give thanks because it has helped me become the individual I am today. Those who know me well will tell you that I am extremely kind and giving and loving. I try my best to always think outside of myself and it is because I have suffered and struggled why I am able to do so. I know too well what the acts of selfishness, unkindness, self absorption and mean-spiritedness can do. I know too well what it feels like to be the recipient of those things and I strive to not consciously make other people feel that way. It’s not a good feeling. Suffering and struggling has built up my ability to bounce back, my ability to push through. Each time I am faced with an obstacle or trying time I have to remind myself that I have been here before and that I have survived. I still have a lot of work to do; like being more gentle with myself when I am going through it and learning to trust those who care about me and open up and communicate more. I have appreciation for the areas in which I can do better.

“Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars.” – Khalil Gibran | This I know to be true. Each test is preparing you for something bigger and better. If you have suffered in your life and/or are currently going through tough times, do not be ashamed of your scars. You are massive! Wear your scars as badges of honour and understand that better must and will come.



So some days have passed since the Forty-Seven Kisses Book Launch on Sunday January 19 and I have had some time to process everything. I have so much to say, I don’t even know where to begin. Alice Walker once said, “Thank you is the best prayer that anyone could say. I say that one a lot. Thank you expresses extreme gratitude, humility and understanding.” This is perfect because I am feeling extreme gratitude, understanding and I am humbled. THANK YOU!

I would like to thank Mr. Lebert, Dazzling Lounge, and the staff for hosting the book launch. I would like to thank my lovely host Ms. Stacy-Ann Buchanan for doing such a wonderful job of keeping the night moving. I would also like to thank DJ Soul Child for spinning some dope tunes and setting the mood just right. I would like to thank my diva performers, Ms. Kerry-Ann Wright and Ms. Enuma for being so spectacular at what they do. I would like to thank Eddy DaOriginalOne for being my lights and sound technician that night. Thank you to Mali aka Docuvixen for the videography  and doing what she does best – capturing moments on film and in images. Also big thanks to Jason Green of MaadSoul Photos for being present and capturing moments as well.

I would like to thank Jovanka, The Stag Shop and Pantera Fitness for sponsoring the gifts that night. Thank you to Che of AlterEgo Clothing for the gorgeous and very sexy corset I got to wear during my performance. I would like to thank Artists to Watch BlogSpot, BlogTO,, FEMCON hosted by Ms. Kelly on CHRY, CIUT’s The Vibe Collective and every single media outlet that gave the event some coverage. A huge thank you goes out to my volunteers: Andrae, Trudy Lee Gayle, Sajae Elder and Tameka Lawrence. I would also like to deeply thank my dear friend Keisha Brown. She is absolutely amazing and a complete blessing! Sajae, Tameka and Keisha ensured that all the little nuances, all the little details were taken care of. I have so much love and respect for these women. In the book, I thanked 47 for the idea and the constant encouragement. I would like to thank 47 again. Big thank you to Ms. Dianne Robinson of Silent Designs for all her hard work, all her efforts, and ensuring the night was a beautiful and successful one. None of it could have been possible without her love and support and for that I am so deeply grateful! If you’re looking for an event planner I would strongly recommend contacting:

Independently publishing the book was a process. At the end of my set on Sunday, I talked a bit about my journey. I worked overtime, I picked up odd jobs, and I did some warehouse work, I crowd-funded a bit from 12 of my closest people to make the book happen. The actual launch was no less of a journey. In this process, I was able to grow and look at all my strengths and weaknesses. Days leading up to the event, a large sum of money was misplaced, I wasn’t sure if my books would arrive on time because of a printing delay, it was just one obstacle after another. My spirit was nearly crushed, my faith almost broken;  I almost cancelled the event. I am extremely blessed to have great people around me. These are people who love and support me. They picked me up, encouraged me to keep my head above water and constantly told me that all will be well. You know who you are and I give thanks for all of you. Despite the setbacks and the obstacles, I kept moving. I kept my faith and each day I got up and worked. I worked on the show and I worked on selling tickets even though I wasn’t sure if I would have books at the event. In the 11th hour, literally, my books arrived and sure enough everything worked out. It was a very stressful time for me, I nearly gave up but days later I can reflect and give thanks for all that I went through. I give thanks for the multiple tests I was given because without those tests I wouldn’t be able to write this testimony. So I express extreme gratitude, my understanding has deepened and I have been humbled by all that has been thrown my way. In all this, my faith has been strengthened and I have learned to take note of my own resiliency.

Lastly, I want to thank my family and friends who rolled deep to the event. Thank you for your energy – your hand raising, your “yes” yelling, banging on walls and furniture, loud and amazing energy. Thank you to those who couldn’t be there physically but sent their well wishes and were there in spirit.  And a HUGE thank you to all those who came out and lent their support. Thank you so very much! The launch couldn’t have been what it was without your love, support and backing. I deeply thank you! Know that I am so very grateful.

Pics from the event will be posted on Facebook soon. For now, I will post  3 of my favourite shots that were captured that night. Thank you to J.D, K.K and K.B for the wonderful cell phone photography.