Poems and Love Letters

Poems and Love Letters is a sultry, soul touching production, the work of gifted musicians and the lyrics of the inimitable Victoria Grant. Poems and Love Letters seduces listeners in with its dance of rhythm, voice and story.

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Forty-Seven Kisses

Forty-Seven Kisses is an erotic anthology that simulates the act of lovemaking: from foreplay and the mental connection to the afterglow and self-actualization.

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Up next:

  • Another show of course!

Future projects:

  • Something exciting! I promise. Details to follow.

Past projects:

  • May 19th 2013 – Performed at Soul Deep in Montreal
  • July 13 2013 – I was a sex panelist for the Art of Expression’s “Sex: Casual to Committed” discussion in Toronto
  • July 14 2013 – I performed at The Listening Party at the Rivoli in Toronto
  • September 22 2013 – I was the feature at The Art of Performing Aural Sex. An all erotic poetry show that takes place in Montreal.
  • January 19th 2014 – I headlined and produced the Forty-Seven Kisses Book Launch and Poetry Show at¬†¬†Dazzling Lounge in Toronto.
  • May 4 2014 – I was the feature poet at The Mystic Effect